Places to visit in Mumbai (Part I)

Updated: Jun 15

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

One of the largest parks in the world this outstanding national park is situated within city limits. Being surrounded by densely forest Park this is the on of the popular attraction proved by largely visited tourists. Within a fast and speedy city like Mumbai this piece of lush greeny complemented by variety of animal kingdom. Being home for fauna this place will surprise you with plenty of birds and species. More on that, Tigre safari, mini train ride, boating, trekking are more adventurous options to make your Mumbai Visit more thrilling. This one of the Asia's most visited park is blessed with unlimited peace along with wildlife. If you are a real hard-core traveller and want to get full experience of Mumbai go for it without any doubt

Kanheri caves

If you would like to go for something off beat yet fascinating this place will bring joy, peace and thrill all together. This precious work of Rock cut art and architecture is the best example of how blessed the Mumbai city is. Theses amazing old and ancient art are accredited as world heritage site by UNESCO. 11 km away from city these caves can be accessed only by ferry boats from gate way of India. Crafted during 5th and 7th centuries this beautiful collection contains large part dedicated to Lord Shiva- Lord of destruction and restoration. It also reflects Buddhist impact by some ancient work. Located at Arabian Sea this 60000 square feet area is full of serene energy.

Global Vipassana Pagoda.

Yes you read it correct. It may be hard to believe that this fast and speedy city have the quietest and peaceful place at the middle of the city. Once you visit it you will realize why it is listed as one of the seven wonders of Maharashtra.. This dome shaped mediation hall has the capacity to seat 8000 vipassana practitioners. If you are those who are spiritual travelers and believes that Travel brings the most beautiful version of yourself then don't even think to miss this beautiful experience. Across the world people come here to bring harmony in their lives.. This is a real monument of peace and harmony for sure.

Jahangir Art Gallery.

Mumbai is best known for admiring every aspect of life with its fullest. That's why every art is always appreciated with love and honor. If you are kind of artistic and want to explore this side of the city this place is one of the best place to spend your entire day with no regrets but with so much enthusiasm. This prestigious venue is an honor for artists to showcase their art work.

The four halls will welcome you with the amazing amount of visual arts and other features. The most unique thing about this place is those artists who are not able to showcase their work inside the gallery are very proud to show it in outer premises of the gallery. So in or out we are sure your heart is going to love it.

Film city.

Thrilled by this city's glamorous side if you wish to spend your day with how the mechanism of Bollywood works you are welcome here. It gives you a chance to live out your dreams with its various tours so that you will actually experience all the fun behind the scenes. This pervasive area Is full of energy and dreams.

Fashion Street Mumbai

Yes all shopaholics and also those who are not shopaholics who will turn into one because this place will give you unlimited choices to shop with very affordable prices and with amazing street food at same time. Fashion street is known for trendy fashion at very reasonable prices if you have the patience and skills how to bargain effectively. Real shoppers welcome. Have happiest shopping.

Madh Island.

One of the most beautiful and amazing beach in Mumbai which is successful to keep its originality even in 21 century. This is a hidden treasure. Blessed by stunning company of Arabian Sea in West and Malad Creek in East Madh Island is inhabited by Koli, Christians and others. A pleasant place to explore with a chance to visit Madh Fort which is accessible by ferry. This place offers you much more than just a picnic spot. However you will really miss something even if you visit these places because Mumbai is such a versatile city that can offer you much more fun, thrill, hospitality, food and yeah Spirituality too. There is so much to go and explore when it comes to Mumbai

Written By Sonali Solim

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