Must see monsoon places in Maharashtra

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June has started and I know all of you must be waiting for the most beautiful season of the year that is monsoon. The first few drops dealers the romanticism of rainy days. After very hectic summer rain brings hope, happiness and of course adventure..

Let's see this time how you can rejuvenate yourself with beautiful places to visit.


Covered with thick forest in the lap of sahyadri Valley with river amba flowing through woods this place is completely outstanding with numerous features to explore with exotic flora and founa. The pleasant atmosphere makes you excited and if you are one of those who are interested in adventurous activities then rock climbing, river crossing and rappelling are added attraction to thrilling experience. You can also visit the Temple near and take a walk through jungle


The secret treasure situated in Sandhudurga in Maharashtra near lokana area named Amboli. More than 2000 feet above sea level in Sandhudurga district. This village has recorded to receive highest rainfall during monsoon in entire state. This off beat hill station will give abundant opportunities to explore. Huge waterfalls opening to the vast jungles of ghats and beautiful views are attractions including activities like jungle trek, camping, bonfire, and hiking. Romantic climate with misty environs gives unlimited satisfaction to visit thus place

Thoseghar waterfall

Maharashtra is blessed with unlimited waterfalls which awake during monsoon and yes it's a privilege to visit this Thoseghar village in satara because you will get thrilled to see Falls varied from 20 meters to 500 meters. The rough landscape of Thoseghar gets covered with lush greenery and series of plunges different heights. The calm and serene atmosphere will bring peace and a quick swim in Lake rejuvenate your mood for next few weeks for sure.. Undoubtedly must see place.

Malshej ghat

The long range of sahyadri ghat gives us lots of places to explore. This hill station in sahyadri surrounded by green Hills and innumerable water falls. The journey to Malshej itself is a beautiful breath-taking experience because of the entire road is going through the splendid Valleys. The mountain pass is place where you can find flora founa together. Migrated flamingos from Europe is another attraction including trekking, bird watching, hiking,… The excellent resorts will make your stay more comfortable and picturesque atmosphere will never make you regret that you are there experience the bliss of nature.


One of the Jyotirlinga in state and a bewitching place where you can find peace and happiness.The monsoon gives green shade to entire area covered with exotic waterfalls. This place is situated in bhorgiri village 3250 feet above sea level Sahyadri wild life sanctuary is extra attraction to Visit including camping and nature walk

Lonavala Khandala

One of the popular twin Hill stations and famous for hiking these two places hold unbelievable beauty and thrill. Being near from Mumbai and pune this place is largely visited during monsoon and of course in entire year. The magic of rain reveals the unbeatable beauty of these places and all you can do is just experience the cool breeze, the serenity and have fun with tasty food. The best place to rejuvenate your body mind and soul. The clouds close enough to touch and heavy rainfall is perfect combination for romantic date. For hikers it it all time favorite place for hiking and trekking.. You can have all in one place.Nature, peace, fun, thrill, and beautiful memories. A quick boost of mood is here. Above all don't miss to have famous Lonavala chikki.


Blessed with nature and Spirituality Igatpuri is one of the must see places in Maharashtra. Famous for renowned vipassana International Academy this place has the beauty that none can refuse.Waterfalls, rivers, lush greenery along with amazing place to visit like bhatsa Valley kokan kada. The waterfalls are at best in July. Camping, trekking, mediation are the options you can find here in this monsoon season.


One of the prominent and tempting sensations during monsoon is always Matheran. This place is always at its best but monsoon makes it more attractive with outstanding view points and green shade all over the hill station. Never hesitate to plan a trip to Matheran because It always in welcome mood for travelers. A quick escape from city chaos and be blessed with peace and adventure.


If you are one of those people who are always ready for adventure and activities then this place will fulfill all your demands.. Located at Raigad this Place turns into green during monsoon. full of vast campsites, beautiful homestay and opportunity to river rafting. Yes Kolad is actually based around the kundalika River and it Is in full brim in monsoon. This small village can provide you thrilling experiences for sure.


The attraction situated in the laps of Sahyadri, the famous lake itself Bhandardara is favorites site to visit during monsoon. The village of Bhandardara is located at the river prawara. Monsoon gives it majestic look with stunning waterfalls and nature becomes alive. A holiday destination including camping and trekking

Written by Sonali Solim

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